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Biweekly Reports with the Results of Our Work

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  Need godparents

16-11-04: A mom from Kindergarten La Salle (anonymous) will sponsor Daniela Z. of Peru. 

She has donated the first 20 Euros for the girl which will be used for a month of pamidronate treatment.  Welcome, and thank you!!!    

Small godparents with big hearts: these are three, four, and five-year-old children attending the preschool Kindergarten la Salle in Madrid. Their parents and teachers have started campaigning for funds to sponsor little Javiera of Ecuador.

With these funds, Javiera, who already depends on a godparent for his pamidronate, will receive the physical therapy treatment that he really needs due to his last surgery.

We thank the La Salle preschool community and invite everyone to visit their site at:          

12-11-04: Santiago Bello donated 240 Euros for Christopher of Peru to cover the boy’s pamidronate treatment for the year.

10-11-04: Pirkko Justander (representing Mr. Jouko Karanka, Ms. Satu Rantanen, Ms. Seija Rantanen (mother of Satu) and Ms. Kati Wink) donated 120 Euros for six months of pamidronate treatment for Ricardo T.  Many thanks!!!  

10-11-04: Pirkko Justander, representing Ms. Elisabet Hästbacka, Ms. Pirkko Justander, Ms. Merja Kylänlahti, and Ms. Pinja, donated 120 Euros for six months of treatment for Melani H. Thank you!!!  

11-11-04: We received 21 Euros from Patricia López for Christian David of Peru.  Thank you, Patricia!!!

October 2004: We received 187 Euros from the Association Suisse Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Schweizerische Vereinigung Osteogenesis Imperfecta – SVOI) for the pamidronate treatment of Liliana of Ecuador.  Thank you so much!!!

Money Transfers November 9, 2004


-75 Euros from Mechthild Lehning for Juan José G.M. (August to October)

-200 Euros from María Rosa for Ricardo Alonso R.C. (July to October)

-75 Euros from Gunther Brimmer for Luis Ángel (August to October)

-125 Euros from Angelika Brebeck for María José P. (August to December)

-445 dollars from Linda Pompeo and Patricia for Yesidi Naomi N. (240 dollars will go to a year’s treatment of pamidronate for the girl, 45 dollars for 3 months of vitamins and 160 dollars for three months of physical therapy.)

-60 Euros from Granada for Kelly Nicole

-63 Euros from Patricia López for Christian David (August to October)

Total:  598 Euros + 445 dollars



-120 Euros from Yvonne Hagelstein for Brisiera (June to November)

-120 Euros from Anna Silja for Erika (June to November)

-100 Euros from Laura Munoa (30 are from a friend of hers) for Wilson

-100 Euros from Linda for Abigail B

-300 Euros from Ángeles and José María Tartaj for Erik M. (a year’s treatment of pamidronate)

-20 dollars from Cecilia Kerstins for Emilio A.

-60 Euros from Gloria Álvarez for Bernardo

-60 Euros from Miguel Fernández for Wilson (physical therapy)

-24 Euros from selling 2 shirts

Total:  884 Euros + 20 dollars



1.- Before Lucía Trávez arrived in Spain, María Barbero transferred 128 Euros for physical therapy for Alejandro S.


2.- During the Conference of Osteogenesis imperfecta (Congreso de Osteogénesis Imperfecta) that took place in Alicante, María Barbero personally handed Lucía Trávez 900 Euros and 40 dollars to allocate in the following manner:

-830 Euros from Alicia for treatment and physical therapy for Raquel C.

-60 Euros from Gloria for Kevin Y.

-10 Euros from María Barbero for Alejandro S.

-40 dollars from Cecilia Kersteins for Emilio A.

08-11-04: We welcome a new godparent. He is Santiago, the father of Raquel Bello who is the godparent of Gustavo of Ecuador.

Santiago joins the program to sponsor Christopher, a new boy from the Peru Association of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (AOI-Peru).

October 2004

Lucía Trávez, the president of the Ecuador Foundation of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Fundación Ecuatoriana de Osteogénesis Imperfecta) attended the Conference of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Congreso de Osteogénesis Imperfecta) that took place this year in Alicante. 

Lucía brought us very sad news: At the beginning of this month, a little girl named Samantha passed away.  She was sponsored by the Ecuador Foundation with godparents Miguel Ángel y Montse.

Samantha suffered through many weeks of dehydration and lung/breathing problems.  Because of the accumulation of mucous in her throat, she could not breathe or swallow, so it was necessary to perform an operation to make an opening to feed her through a tube.  

Her general weakness throughout the days of her illness, the infection that she caught because of the surgical intervention, and the beginnings of pneumonia were too much for her. 


She was three years old. 


We regret very much to have lost Samantha.  The Ecuador Foundation was not informed of her death until its secretary made a weekly call for an update on the girl’s condition.


When Samantha had her last session of treatment in September, she was so weak that her pamidronate could not be administered, resulting in her hospitalization.


We thank Miguel and Montse, who have decided very generously to stay with the program and sponsor Wilson for the physical therapy he needs.

18-10-04: The couple Tartaj-Ascaso donated 300 Euros to cover a year’s treatment of pamidronate and other necesities for Érik. 

Many thanks!!!

06-10-04: Linda Edward donated 100 Euros for the treatment of little Abigaíl of Ecuador.  Many thanks!!!

06-10-04:  María Rosa Piquer donated 100 Euros to spend on pamidronate treatment for Ricardo Alonso of Peru.  Thank you!!!

04-10-04: Patricia and Linda Pompeo of the United States, godparents of Naomi of Peru, have donated 445 dollars.

240 dollars will be spent on a year’s treatment of pamidronate for the girl, 45 dollars for 3 months of vitamins, and 160 dollars for 3 months of physical therapy.  Many thanks!!!

02-10-04: We received 60 Euros from Granada Pérez for Granada’s godchild Kelly Nicolle of Peru.  The money will be spent on three months of treatment for the girl.  Many thanks, Granada!!!

01-10-04: Alicia Barbero donated a sum of 830 Euros for her godchild Raquel C. of Ecuador.  240 Euros will be spent on pamidronate treatment; 60 Euros for other complications of the child’s health and 530 Euros for a year of physical therapy for the girl.

Raquel was one of the girls that Dr. Fassier operated on in January of 2004, so this great support of Alicia through making physical therapy possible is very needed for her rehabilitation.  Many thanks, Alicia!!!

23-09-04: AHUCE, the Association of Bones of Crystal of Spain (la Asociación Huesos de Cristal de España) has given us approval to begin a drive for used orthopedic materials among the people attending Conference XI (XI Congreso) that will take place in October.

These materials will be shared with the OIFE (Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe) and the AOI-Peru.

We send thanks to AHUCE!!!

20-09-04: We have two new godparents, both from the U.S.:

Linda Pompeo and Patricia will sponsor Yesidi Naomi.  Welcome to the program!!!

20-09-04: Through her participation in the Helsinki Conference where she presented the godparent program to the members of the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe (OIFE), María Barbero returned with good news:

New godparents:

  • Sponsorship of Liliana M., of Ecuador will be through members of the Swiss association represented by Vanja Zivkovic

  • Ricardo T. and Melanie H., both of Peru, will the godchildren of Pirkko Justander and Pirkko’s daughter. 

María was also successful in motivating various people to help finance:

  • A third video made by the OIFE.  This was filmed during the visit from Dr. Fassier.  It was made about surgery to implant expanding rods.

  • Various projects of the OIFE and the AOI-Peru.  More details to come.

11-09-04: Emilio A., of Ecuador, has a godparent.  Cecilia Kersteins, grandmother of a boy with OI, will be Emilio’s godparent, donating 20 Euros a month to cover his pamidronate treatment.  Welcome, and many thanks!!!

24-08-04:  In the “Numero 2” version of the publication “Voces de Cristal” of AHUCE, online version, an article written by María Barbero was published about the godparent program.

The link to access the article is in the seccion called “Espacio Social”. 

20-08-04: María Rosa Piquer will sponsor Ricardo Alonso R. of Peru.  She will donate 100 Euros every three months for a year’s pamidronate treatment and physical therapy sessions.  Thank you, María Rosa. 

Chart of upcoming pamidromate treatments in Ecuador:

26-27-28 August  2-3-4 September 9-10-11 September

José David B

Javiera B.

Raquel C. 

Jonathan G.

Wilson G.

Emily M.      

Kevin M.

David C.


 Briseira M.

Isaías M. 

Erik M.

Josué T. 

Maria Paula G.

Abigaíl B. 

Angie L.

Gustavo V.


 Marco Vinicio M.

Ana María Y.

Kevin Y.

Alejandro S.

Sebastián M.

 Emilio A.

 Patricio S.

 Samantha A.

 Liliana M.


In addition, the children will be examined by Dr. Jorge Estrella (ophthalmologist) and by Dr. Castillón (othorhinolaryngologist).

Chart of upcoming pamidromate treatments in Peru:

September October       November December

Kelly D.

Luis Alberto S.

Milagros M.

Josue G. (1a treatment)

Melani H. (1a treatment)

Christian C.

Rosa del Alba Q.




 Maryorie A.

Paul Ch.

Juan José G.



Luz Clara E.

Ricardo R.

Luis Angel S.


27-08-04: We received 124 Euros from Angélika B. to spend on five month’s treatment of pamidronate for her godchild María José P. of Peru. Thank you!

27-08-04: We received the monthly donation from Yvonne and Anna of Germany for their Ecuadorian godchildren, sisters Érika and Briseira M.  Thank you!!!

27-09-04: We received 25 Euros from Günter to be spent on monthly pamidromate treatment for Luis Ángel A., of Peru. Thank you, Günter!!!

03-08-04: We received 25 Euros from Pelle and Norbert to be spent on monthly pamidronate treatment for Juan José G. of Peru. Many thanks!!!

10-08-04: Rosi Chang informed us of the dates when pamidronate treatment was administered to the following Peruvian children:

  • 02-February-04: Kelly D. and Luis S. (administered in the city of Chiclayo)

  • 15-March-04: Maryorie A. and Juan José G.

  • 27-May-04: Milagritos M. and Nicole P.

  • 09-June-04: Rosita del Alba Q.

  • 25-June-04: Christian C.

  • 19-July-04: Maryorie A., Lely Ll., Paul Ch., and Juan José G.

  • 09-August-04: Luis Angel S., Ricardo R. and Luz Clarita E.


María Barbero hosted a group of foreign exchange students in her house from Longmeadow High School (Massachussetts). They have one year before graduation and they study Spanish.


During their time off in Spain they have dedicated themselves to translating the chronicles on this page and the subtitles of the DVD made by the OIFE.


Owen Fenton and Javi Cossey: Many thanks for the work you have done.

10-08-04:  Gloria has undergone a new trip to Ecuador and Peru.

The details of the transfers that took place are as follows:



· 60 Euros from Adriá for Patricio S.  (three months of treatment)

· 150 Euros from Carmen Ugarte for Jefferson (6 months of treatment + other expenses)

· 120 Euros from Raquel Bello for Liliana M.  (single donation)

· 120 Euros from Susana and Isabel for Jonathan (3 months of treatment)

· 60 Euros from Miguel Fernández for Samantha (3 months of treatment)

· 125 Euros from Dr. Parra and Mercedes for Nicolás (6 months treatment)

· 60 Euros from Gloria Álvarez for Bernardo (3 months of treatment)

The sum was 945 Euros (1,121 dollars).



· 100 Euros from Rosemarie Ostarek for Luz Clara (physical therapy)

· 150 Euros from Sres. Van Welzenis (wheelchair for José Luis R.)

· 120 Euros from Joaquín and Genoveva for Luz Clara (6 months of treatment)

· 240 Euros from Tere Ahedo for Rosa del Alba (a year of treatment)

· 42 Euros from Patricia for Christian David (2 months of treatment, June and August)

· 350 Euros from Eva Schmitt for Paul Isaac (a year of treatment + other costs)

·  25 Euros from Angelika Brebeck for María José (a month of treatment)

· 228 Euros from Araceli and José for Ronald Valle (a year of treatment)

· 80 Euros from Raquel and José María for Milagros Marcaquispe (four months of treatment)

· 120 Euros from Ana Becerra for Marghory (6 months of treatment)

· 300 Euros from Tina Parcero for Luis Alberto (a year’s treatment)

The sum was 2,270 Euros (2,686 dollars).

10-08-04:  We received 21 Euros from Patricia López for her godchild Christian David of Peru.  Thank you!!!

24-07-04:  We received 300 Euros from Tina Parcero to spend on a year’s pamidronate treatment and various needs for her godchild Luis Alberto of Peru. 

July-04:  We received 350 Euros from Eva Schmitt to spend on a year’s pamidronate treatment and other necesities for treating Paul Isaac of Peru.  Many thanks!!!

July-04: We received 250 Euros from Jörg Wollemberg to cover the Fosamax medication and a year’s rehabilitation for Irma of Peru. Thank you!!!

July-04:  We received 25 Euros from Günter Brimmer which he will donate every month for Luis Ángel of Peru.  Many thanks!!!

July-04:  We recived 25 Euros from Angélika Brebek which she will donate every month for María José of Peru.  Thank you!!!

22-07-04:  Miguel and Malka Maor donated 240 Euros to cover a year’s treatment for Josué Gabriel of Peru.  Thank you!!!

22-07-04:  Raquel Bello donated 120 Euros to cover a second six months of treatment for Gustavo, her Ecuadorian godchild. 

In addition, she gave 150 Euros as a general donation.  Thank you, Raquel!!!

21-07-04:  Juan Manuel and Raquel, godparents of Milagros of Peru, started a sponsorship of 80 Euros to cover four months of treatment for the girl. Many thanks!!!

21-07-04:  Araceli and José gave 240 Euros to cover a year’s treatment of pamidronate for Ronald of Peru.  Many thanks!!!

15-07-04:  Miguel and Montse, godparents of Samantha of Ecuador, began a new donation of 60 Euros to cover three months of pamidromate treatment for the girl. Many thanks!!!

15-07-04: We have new godparents, all of whom are Germans. Pelle and Norbert Lehning will sponsor Juan Jose; Eva Schmitt will be the godmother of Isaac Paul, Angelika Brebeck will sponsor Maria Jose; Jorg Wollenber will sponsor Irma and Pelle´s father will sponsor Luis Angel. All of the children are from the AOI-Peru. Many thanks and welcome!!!

09-07-04:We welcome with our greatest care Miguel Maor and Malka as godparents of the program. This couple has a daughter, Sigal, with OI. They are from Uruguay, live in Israel, and to start off the day they will sponsor Josue Gabriel of Peru.

09-07-04: Rob van Welzenis and his wife Lidy, honorary presidents of the European federation of OI, donated 150 Euros which, with the 100 donated Euros from the Ostarek couple in May of 2004, will be used to buy a special wheelchair for Luz Clarita of Peru. Many thanks!!!

09-07-04: We received 120 Euros from Anna Becerra to be used in her goddaughter Marghori´s 6-month pamidronate treatment. Thanks!!!

08-07-04: Ignacio Parra and Mercedes Viudes deposited 125 Euros to cover for his godson Nicholas´s (from Ecuador) 6-month pamidronate treatment. Many thanks!!!

07-07-04: Gloria Alvarez deposited 60 Euros to cover Bernardo of Equador´s 3-month-treatment. Thanks, Gloria!

02-07-04: We received 100 Euros from Linda Edwards to cover the expenses of various necessities of little Abigail from Ecuador. Thanks!

02-07-04: We received 100 Euros from Maria Rosa Piquer to cover part of the pamidronate apllication fees of Luis Enrique from Mexico. Thanks!

01-07-04: Joaquin and Genoveva deposited 120 Euros for the 6-month-pamidronate treatment of Luz Clarita from Peru. Thanks!!!

01-07-04: Raquel Bello will donate 150 Euros so that Irma, a 15-year.old adolescent from Peru, can complete her yearly fosamax treatment. We remember that Gloria Palomeque had transferred 120 deposited Euros in June of 2003 for her godson Jose Luis (Who already receives treatment at Shriner´s) so that he was able to begin his weekly treatment with alendronate. Many thanks, godmothers!!!

30-06-04: Carmen Ugarte had donated 150 Euros to be invested in Jefferson of Ecuador´s 6-month-treatment with fosamax. Many thanks!!!

29-06-04: Susana and Isabelle deposited 120 Euros for Jonathon of Ecuador´s 6-month treatment with pamidronate. Thanks!!!

28-06-04: We have new godparents that have joined the program. Joaquin and Genoveva of Malaga, parents of Paula, a baby with OI, will be the godparents of Luz Clarita of Peru. Welcome!!!

17-06-04: Adria deposited 60 for the trimestral treatment of her godson Patricio from Ecuador. Many thanks, Adria!!!

10-06-04: We have received 21 Euros from Patricia´s monthly delivery for Cristian David of Peru. Many thanks!!!

01-06-04: We have received 240 Euros from Tere Ahedo for her goddaughter Rosa del Alba´s yearly pamidronate treatment.

May-2004: Rosemarie and Alois Ostarek donated 100 Euros to be invested in some child of the program that is in need of money. Thanks!!!

31-05-04: Gloria has transferred to the AOI-Peru – received Mrs. Rosa Chang – and to the FEOI – received Mr. Paul Guerron – the following values:

Peru: 201 Euros (230 dollars by the exchange rate of the day)

  • Tere Ahedo (for Rosa del Alba, 6-month pamidronate treatment), 120 Euros.

  • Granada (for Kelly Wicole, quartery treatment with pamidronate), 60 Euros.

  • Patricia Lopez (for Cristian David, montly pamidronate treatment), 21 Euros.

    Ecuador: 1,755.50 Euros (2,086 dollars by the exchange rate of the day)

  • 100 Euros from Rosi Weider (in order to finish Wilson´s yearly treatment) trimonthly with pamidronate.

  • 40 Euros from Gloria Palomeque for Kevin (bimonthly treatment with pamidronate).

  • 240 Euros from Maria Angeles Lebret for Josue (annual pamidronate treatment).

  • 120 Euros from Hans and Veronica for Juan David (6-month pamidronate treatment).

  • 300 Euros from Pablo Badia for David Alejandro (yearly pamidronate treatment and 60 more Euros for various expenses of the child.)

  • 150 Euros from Laura Munoa for Wilson (with the 100 deposited Euros from Rosi Weider complete the cost of the boy´s yearly treatment.)

  • 120 Euros from Maria Barbero for Ronnie (6-month. pamidronate treatment)

  • 120 Euros for Maria Barbero for Alejandro Solorzano (6-month pamidronate treatment).

  • 122 Euros of picked up donations from Rosi Weider.

  • 100 Euros from an anonymous donator to found a fellowship. We have already spoke of this information.

  • 203.53 Euros from Jean Daniel to cover Javiera´s braces expenses.

  • 40 Euros from Anna for Erika´s twice-monthly expenses.

  • 40 Euros from Yvonne Hagelstein for Briseira´s twice montly expenses.

25-05-04: We welcome Pablo Badía as a godfather. Pablo worked with the SOS Ecuador program and from now on will sponso David Alejandro of Equador. He deposited 300 Euros to cover the yearly pamidronate treatment and for various necessities of the child. Welcome and many thanks, Pablo!!!

18-05-04: Rosi Weider attended some communions in the United States and has asked the children to donate part of their money for the children that are located in Ecuador. She has attained 200 dollars that she will deposit upon her return to Germany. Soon she will send us the addresses of the families in order to meet and to thank the kindness of each child.

18-05-04: Patricia López transferred the first 21 Euros that she will deposit every month for Cristian David of Peru. Many thanks!!!

May 2004: The godparent program celebrates its two-year anniversary. Many thanks and congratulations to all that made part of this marvellous project!!!

14-05.04: María Ángeles Lebret transferred 240 Euros for Josué´s yearly pamidronate treatment, of the FEOI. Thanks, Ángeles!!!

10-05-04: Today we will continue to give good news. Ángeles joined the godparent program. She will be Josué´s godmother, an Ecuadorian boy. Welcome Ángeles!!!

10-05-04: Hans and Verónica, Juan David of Ecuador´s godparents made a transfer of 120 Euros to pay for the 6-month pamidronate treatment of the boy. Many Thanks!!!

10-05-04: We welcome a new godmother. Her name is Patricia López and she will sponsor Cristian David of Peru.

May-04: We have finally reunited the works of the godfathers with the Peruanian Association of OI (AOI-Peru)
The new president, Mrs. Rosa de Chang, has sent us extremely complete news about the children´s situation. The news has already been sent to each godparent. The treatments will from now on be with intravenous palondromite except for the cases where the children can have alendronate.
Once the treatments start we have the intention to make a transfer to the AOI-Peru as quickly as possible. For this reason we ask the godparents to please make their deposits in the following days. Also, we hope that to the side of their name they will also write the name of their godchild.

20-04-04: Tending to the fact that her godson José Luis from Peru is receiving treatment in a special center and doesn’t need her economical support, his godmother, Gloria Palomeque, will for now be in part Kevin´s godmother, an equadorian child.

19-04-04: We have received 60 Euros from Gloria Álvarez which will be invested in the treatment of her equadorian godson, Bernardo.

17-04-04: Rosi Weider, a German friend of María Barbero, donated 100 Euros to help the children of the FEOI.

25-03-04: María Barbero received a letter from the Shriners Hospital of Montreal by regular mail in which they ask Denise´s parents, a Mexican girl with OI, that they send a series of documents (X rays, among other things) so that they can admit the girl into the center as a patient. The letter has the date of the 18th of March.
We are extremely happy about the many possibilities of the treatment, rehabilitation, and attention with which Denise will receive upon being admitted to the Shriners.

22-03-04: Jean Daniel deposits 250 dollars as a part of the payment of the braces that Javiera, her goddaughter, ought to use to continue with her rehabilitation, later of the operation done by Dr. Frasier.

15-03-04: 1,640 Euros were sent to Mrs. Lucía Trávez- an equivalent of 1,967 dollars.
The money corresponds to the following godparents and will be invested in the following treatments of their godchildren.

  • Dr. Romero (donation): 750 dollars (606 Euros)

  • Dr. Glorieux (for Marco Vinicio): 243 Euros

  • Yvonne Hagelstein (for Briseria): 60 Euros

  • Anna (for Erika): 80 Euros

  • Nimet (for Ana María) 300 Euros

  • Carmen Ugarte and Miguel (for Jefferson): 120 Euros

  • Raquel Bello (for Gustavo Vera): 120 Euros

  • Adriá (for Patricio Salazar): 60 Euros

  • We received and sent 60 donated Euros from a person whom we have yet to identify

08-03-04: Adriá deposited 60 euros for the half-year treatment of Patricio of Ecuador

06-03-04: Dr. José Romero, professor of pediatrics at the Medical Center at the University of Nebraska, and colleague of Dr. Horacio Plotkin makes a donation of 750 dollars for Ecuadorian children. Lucía Trávez will tell us soon in what the FEOI will invest it in.

17-02-04: Nimet, a new godmother from Switzerland will sponsor Ana María, an Ecuadorian girl. She deposited 300 euros to cover the annual treatment with pamidronate and other necessities of the girl.

06-02-04: Carmen and Miguel donated 120 dollars to invest in the 6-month treatment with fosamax of Jefferson of Ecuador.

06-02-04: Raquel Bello Collantes deposited 120 euros to inv est in the 6-month treatment with pamidronate of his godson Gustavo, of Ecuador.

17-01-04: Dr. Glorieux, of Canada, who in December revealed her intentions of sponsoring the boy Marco Vinicio, made a donation of 300 dollars for the annual treatment with pamidronate and various expenses of the treatment for the boy.

14-01-04: We are shipping to Quito, the following sums, to be received by Lucía Trávez, president of the FEOI.

  • 290 euros from Mr. Katz for his goddaughter Javiera(annual treatment with pamidronate)

  • 300 euros from Julián Font for his god-daughter Abigail(annual treatment with pamidronate)

  • 125 euros from Dr. Parra and his wife Mercedes for their godson Nicolás (semestral-treatment with pamidronate)

  • 60 euros from Gloria Álvarez for her godson Bernardo(trimestral treatment with pamidronate)

  • 60 euros from Miguel Angel Fernandez for his goddaughter Samantha (trimestral treatment pamidronato)

  • 120 euros from María Barbero for her godson Alejandro(6-month treatment with pamidronato)

  • 40 euros from Yvonne Hagelstein and 20 euros from Anna Silja for the treatment of Briseira and Erika

  • 50 euros from Teresa Ahedo and another 50 euros from her mother María Teres to contribute to the operations of the children from Quito which will take place next week

  • 600 euros from Alici Barbero to partially pay for the costs of the femoral nails and the operation of Raquel

  • 100 euros from Emilio Albi, husband of María Rosa Piquer, who has shipped this to contribute to the operations in Quito
    In all there are 1,815 euros. The company has made the transfer, converting it to 2,246 dollars.

09-01-04: María Barbero deposited 120 euros to cover the semestral treatment of Alejandro, her Ecuadorian godson

07-01-04: Alicia Barbero has made an entry of 600 euros, to be invested in clvos intramedulares that Raquel needs for the operation that Dr. Fassier will do in Ecuador in the next few days.

01-01-04: Starting this month Hans and Veronic of Germany will sponsor Juan David. The boy whom they were sponsoring is going to live in Spain with his parents. Lucia Travez gave them information of people and of AHUCE so that the parents of Luis Felipe can contact them to continue with the treatment of the boy.

01-01-04: We received 290 euros from Jean Daniel Katz for the annual treatment with pamidronate of his goddaughter, Javiera of Ecuador.


  • Maria Barbero (Spain) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian girl (Pamidronate treatment)

  • Julián Font Gonzalo (Spain) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian girl (Pamidronate treatment)

  • Linda Edwards (UK) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian girl (Pamidronate treatment)

  • Jean Daniel Katz (Switzerland) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian girl (Pamidronate treatment). 

  • María Isabel and Susana Barquilla Reina (Spain) are sponsoring an Ecuadorian boy (Physiotherapeutic treatment).

  • Mauricio Herzberg (Mexico) is sponsoring a Peruvian boy (Physiotherapeutic treatment). 

  • Alicia Barbero (Spain) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian girl (Pamidronate treatment). 

  • Maria Barbero (Spain) is sponsoring an Ecuadorian boy (Pamidronate treatment). 

  • César Espinel (Spain) is sponsoring a Peruvian boy (Pamidronate treatment). 

  • Gloria Palomeque (Colombia) is sponsoring a Peruvian boy (Pamidronate treatment). 

  • Tina Parcero (Spain) is sponsoring a Peruvian boy (Pamidronate treatment).



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