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The Money

Each sponsor regularly sends an amount of money he is able to contribute. On average, a contribution of 240 euros/dollars per year (20 per month) allows for a Peruvian child to receive medical treatments of pamidronate for a whole year. The improvement seen in these children after only some months of treatment is impressive:

  • pain subsides
  • mobility increases
  • fractures are reduced thanks to the increase in bone density.

The children also have a better appetite and are, in general, happier and more active.

But any amount is good. If a sponsor can contribute only 10 or 5 euros/dollars per month, we’ll look for an additional sponsor to share in the support of the child.

Remittances of money are becoming an increasing problem, since they are subject to the payment of commissions and percentages to the bank that handles the transaction. Naturally, we want to avoid these extra charges. We have thus far been able to avoid this problem through personal transfers or deliveries of money. People we know well hand-deliver the money to the president of the corresponding OI association when they travel to the destination country. In each case we look for a personal solution which depends on where the sponsor lives and the country where the child is. Before the delivery is made, we explain to the sponsor how the transaction will be handled. When the money arrives at the association, the sponsor receives confirmation form the association’s contact person.

Aurora, Jefferson y Alejandro

Once the treatment is carried out, we notify the sponsor, and we also ask the child’s family to confirm that the money has been used as intended.

We know that it’s not strictly necessary to have letters and pictures, but we believe that the tie between child and sponsor is closer with them. The sponsor "sees" the child he is helping, and the child is conscious that his treatment’s money was sent by a flesh-and-bones person.



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