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Godparents for

The Situation  
The Idea  
The Means  
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The Program  
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What I Told at Annecy  


The Program

The sponsorship idea started in May 2002, and so far we have been
able to find sponsors for thirty-five children belongin to the Association
for OI of Peru (Lima), the Association for OI of Mexico and the Foundation
for OI of Ecuador (Quito). The sponsors are parents of other children with OI, friends of ours, and other people who have shown interest in the idea.

After the presentation of the program at the congress in Annecy, more people became interested in sponsoring children. It’s because of them that we are now publishing this web page. We want information to be clear, specific and transparent. We still have children who need medication. There are more who need mechanical equipment or surgical and physical therapy treatment.



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